Music to create maps to!

Simple: Post music that would be good for mapping!

Here’s mine: “Midnight City” by M83.

The song is a nice mix of electronic, a little bit of jazz and vocals. Good for a “Night in the town” map!

My favorite is #7, “New Life”. “Flowers into Stardust” isn’t that bad either.

Midnight City is a good song.

I remember discovering it on a Spotify ad, and going on Youtube and finding it had like 5,000 views. Now it has way over a million. Big surprise, good for him :slight_smile:

I play this song a lot when making my maps.

Inception soundtrack is great for that occasion.

Another one from one of my favorite artists.

I’m not going to lie that song kinda scares me
It sounds really creepy

It soothes me. At the drop/hook/whatever I always get that “I CAN SEE FOREVER” feeling.


My favorite is the New Eden Mall music.

I listen to that exact song all the goddamn time when I’m mapping. Easily my favourite on the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack.

I’ll usually listen to either movie or game soundtracks or some sort of live or mixed electronic music - Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, Justice’s A Cross the Universe, Deadmau5’s album mixes, Nero’s Essential Mix, that kind of thing.

Favourite track on A Cross the Universe, gets me in the mapping mood 'cause it’s just so cool.


Here is what I listen to while mapping. (helped to create such a weird map)

If the Shard wasn’t a level, or the music used wasn’t what it was, then that’d be my favorite too. Solar Fields is just brilliant. I remember starting mapping again and listening to Solar Fields radio 24/7 when I mapped. I still sort of do, and I even bought most of his albums to listen to them whenever.

I like the old stuff.

This one

Sigur Ros

God Speed You

Daft Punk

This is the kinda thing im coding to: