Musical instruments?

I am currently suffering from a lack of instrument models for Gmod. All we have are guns, soldiers, and tanks. What do these things have in common? None of them can make MUSIC!

I know we got a drum set, violin, guitar, piano, and a sax model, but how about some other instruments, like a trumpet? We got any trumpets anywhere?

I honestly don’t know if I should post pictures or not, because I assume we all know what musical instruments look like.

tl;dr some musical instruments for gmod would be p cool.

The SFM workshop has some instruments, if you’re cool with posing an effect instead of a prop. holy shit you can move the thingos on this one

I have a pack from from the Gmod 9 days, it’s got some really low quality ones, yet a surprisngly quality Keyboard. I have a mixed bag of quite a lot of Guitar Hero Models too, stuff like Bass, Guitar, Drums and a few microphones. And terrible ragdolls, some stage bits and missing texture soda cans. I’ll go bundle those up if you want. They are mostly pretty bad, but Gmod never properly got good instrument models made with it in mind. Some of the Bass is fine, though.

Alright it was really small, so the first pack I mentioned is here:
EDIT: Someone mirrored all the GH stuff.

I might also have tried to do a Gmod port of the SFM instruments mentioned, not the trumpets, as I just now learned they exist. If someone can upload a non Workshop mirror, I can do a quick port on em, too. I just dunno if I got the instruments working or not. I’ll check up on that now actually. EDIT: I must have deleted these or just planned on it but never got to it. And while I go do all that, here’s the single best bass model in Source, or at least one of em. I think the SFM ones have bones for the strings, so it might be better, but damn this is still one fine bass. The uploader has plenty of other instrument packs on workshop too, just gotta wade through some awful pony shit to get to it.

i can model some!

here’s a trumpet WIP

Anything can make music if it’s organized sound.

Bell comes down way too quickly to the lead pipe. It shouldn’t be a straight pipe it curves around the back end of the horn.
Also its too long.

Need accordion

There used to be a set of highland bagpipes ragdoll, but I always wanted someone to redo the physics because posing with it was the worst experience ever.

I’m looking for a violin and bow if anyone knows.

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never mind found it