Must have addons?

So, i havent played GMod in ages, things have changed blabla what are the must have addons today?
I remember good old stuff like stargate, connas tools, door tool, unbreakable, keypad, wire ?

So what are your “must have addons” ?

*edit ooh also any sites like GLua ?, they have apparantly gone down :frowning:

Wenli’s Tools, Buoyancy Tool, Easy Precision & SmartSnap, Adv. Stacker, Multi-Parent, Multi-Nocollide, Smart Weld or Smart Constraint.

All of Kermite’s weapon packs.

Pretty much anything by Sakarias88 (bail out, ragmorph, scars, etc).

As far as I can tell, these are all tools for builders, which I am not. I have the building skill of a 2 year old and the wooden blocks are all pyramids.

I don’t use a lot of addons. Currently I have none. I suppose “[Extra ]Customizable Weaponry” would be my favorite weapons addon. Try that out.

Though he left, now I can only find his packs uploaded by other people…I don’t like that.:zoid:

Yes, make sure you download ALL the packs that way you can have the same exact weapon only with 40 different skins!

thanks for the input guys, will try some out :slight_smile:


<3 that site.