Must-Have Gmod Addons

I recently had to reformat my computer, amongst other things and lost a lot of the cool, useful stuff that makes Garry’s Mod more fun.

This isn’t necessarily just for me. Hopefully, this will help some newbies and other people like me.

So, guys, what would you suggest. Packs acceptable.

Huge driveable Car pack V2
PHX3 Full Pack
ProBuilders Stool Pack
Dan’s Mega NPC Pack - Final
Dismemberment Mod 1.9


These look like what I was looking for. Thanks!


Thank you!

Conna’s STools:

Stargate (4 teh lulz)
SmartSnap and another bunch of usefull tools

Thanks a ton for the links.

My friend and I just reinstalled gmod after a year and had no idea which mods to get and which ones even work.

Wiremod and PHX is all.

Everything else is crap/dependent on situation

Garry’s Bombs