Must have ingame!!!

A must have in ANY game is a ‘‘Progression, reward system’’.

Example, it should say how many people you killed and zombies. Stats that will allways be with you even after you die. So you can perhaps compare with your friends and stuff. Or perhaps a lvling system, when you kill another player or a zombie. You gain experiance, with the experiance you could upgrade stuff (Talents; skills; Skins?). Since people allways wan’t to reach the top, they want to be the best. Comparing your progression will show how experianced you are with the game, how much you have progressed etc. So everytime you die and some one destroy your house/base (Atleast what I’ve heard people will be able to do), you will allways have your Lvls, or your total kills with you. So during the time you had your base, defended it and died in the end. You have gained something from it. Lets take other games for example. DayZ, you got humanity there. Kills, zombie kills, murders etc. WarZ, you got lvl system, total kills and the list it goes. Since this game got open world PvP you will be killing and dying. In the end you will have nothing since you will eventually die. If you have a ‘‘Progression system’’ the end (Death) won’t be as bad as it would without this system. So you will allways have something to do. Lets say you survived for really long, you have built your base and you have the best weps in the game. During the time you built your base and got these weapons you have killed loads of people. Then you die to a guy camping outside your door. He loots all your stuff and grabs all your items in the base, now you’r empty handed, sad end. What if during the time your chopped three, you gained experiance and perhaps you use the experiance the increase amount of wood you gain for chopping wood or give cars a speed increase with the experiance etc. Now when you die, you won’t feel like you just did all that base building/killing for nothing!
This whole text looks like a rough copy, it’s 02:00 and I’vent slept in 22 hours. I hope you get my point with this text anyways.

Edit 1: Would be cool with skins depending on if you’r friendly or a bandit.

Sincerely Rethril

We’ve played with the idea of having some sort of XP. I think we may add XP and a leveling system, but only in a sense of self reassurance and not having any items that require you to be at a certain level.

We have talked about having a skill system though, where doing something repetitively could make you faster or more lucky at it temporarily (crafting, cooking). Kind of like a score multiplier but speed or luck instead of score, decaying when you are not playing or doing that skill.

I definitely think its important to have a reason/reward for getting deeper into the game, but me personally i’d like to avoid what you see in most online RPG games where the difference between a level 60 player and a level 20 player is unbeatable.

But for what its worth, we are keeping track of kill stats. if we were to mine it we could figure out someones kill accuracy to the left arm for players or npcs per weapon for example. So we could put that data in a legible form eventually

What about extra skins for weapons/players if they’ve reached a special level?

so the idea of the luck boost would be for like more ammo when you craft it or something like that? and i dont see how speed would fit in really with crafting and cooking unless cooking food would take some time to cook it instead of it being instant

Yea thats something we could consider doing as well. It might be a bit more to download but i could see it working

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when you craft weapons, the chance for weapon mod slots is random. you can currently get 0 to 5 slots. so if your luck was up for example your chance of crafting a 4 or 5 slot would be higher.
We’ll also be introducing item durability as some point, and that could apply likewise there.

By speed i mean the amount of time it takes to craft 1 item. cooking is probably not the best example as right now you just wait for it to be done and it cooks 1 to 2 things per frame update but we could have it output more or apply the skill boost to the actual fire. Its still up for discussion i mean


Ofc, that is not what I ment if you think so. It would be awesome if you could tell by what skin some one have, what lvl he is. There shouldn’t be any BIG advantage between a low lvl and a high lvl. Just that he get stuff done faster perhaps.

Imo you shouldn’t be caring about how much people are downloading. :slight_smile:

if caching worked completely it wouldn’t be as big of a issue, hearing about people needing to wait 10 minutes or more everytime they reconnect makes me feel like a ass hah.

nothing you can really do about it. and yea i forgot bout the slot chance of that happening and the item duribilty would be a good thing for your luck to affect,could also affect the sound of your footsteps if possiable. and the output of cooking could be good as well.

why dont you guys just make a downloadable game client?
id love that, no wait and no browser lag :slight_smile:

Yeah :frowning: It’s a shame it’s such a good game and a good bunch of guys to make it but they’re limiting themselves so much by making it a browser game… But hey maybe they have a solid reason for it.

Anyway my opinion would be adding more vanity stuff than anything. In a game like this you need to be very careful about how powerful players are allowed to get.

Main reason for doing so is they do very frequent updates (very small ones too), without having to mess with updating players clients (or something very similar to this). Garry mentioned that they have actually have a non browser version, just they are choosing not to release it yet.

All I have seen is youtube vids, I’vent got a chance to play it since the register is closed. I did not know it was a browser game and neither that you had to dl stuff everytime you reconnect. I though you ment the download game file if there was any.

Since you feed me with new information, I’m wondering is there any chance you will make it a game? A game you download and start through a .exe file (Opposite of a browser game, dunno what they are called).

Yea we do have a standalone version for us to test on our local servers. the reason its not distributed is mainly because we didnt plan on it. we rely heavily on the website for account related things so the standalone that we have currently would need at minimum some main menu where you could log into your account and a exit button. The standalone that we do have is all command line launched and does not do account stuff properly.

We are using unity so it’s possible for us to add a main menu, exit buttons and everything the website does then release 1 webplayer, 3 standalone versions (win,mac,linux) every time we make a change to the game, and make some sort of updater that runs for each standalone platform.

We will probably end up doing all of that at some point, if we do decide to allow for standalone releases it’d just be a matter of priority against all of the fixes that still need fixing

Alright, I believe in this game :slight_smile: