Must have / Must know stuff for first time Garry's mod user

I just bought Garry’s mod and everytime I connect to a server it has to download maps, objects, etc… Is there a big pack that I can download to include the most used stuff?

Also, are there addons I need to download?

It all depends on what you want to have, or what gamemode you’re going to play. There are a lot of maps on you can get. There is also tortiose svn in which you can download here I could explain to you how to use it if you need me to later on. I’m currently at work. Here are some links for it if you figure out how to use it

Wiremod, the freespace maps, easy precision, weight stool, and you should be set as far as avoiding lengthy downloads from servers.

As for must-know stuff, there’s really only three things.

1: Turn voice chat off entirely. It may annoy a slight minority that they have to type messages to you, but your ears will thank you the moment a whiny little 12 year old pops on. I play with voice off and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2: Most DarkRP servers are full of insanity, screaming 12 year olds, and very little actual RP. If you like randomly shooting anything that moves you’ll love it, though.

3: Keep laggy contraptions to single player.

Also in the maps department, gm_bigcity is great for just messing around or testing stuff.

Weapons: GDCW, Spiderman SWEP (fun), Nuke Pack 4

Vehicles: SCars

NPCs: NPC Groups 4, Skyrim SNPCs, Dan’s SNPCs

HUD: SharpeYe

Everything else has been mentioned already. Go to and sort by most downloads to find some other popular stuff.

Pure Basic Necessities? Wenlis Tools, ACF, Wire, SProps, and some servers use Propellers/Plane Models alot. This is all if your into building…

A lot of people in this subforum happen to be serious builders, I’ll tell you some good ones from a normal easy going player like me. You can find them all on

*Half Life 2 Item Mod
*Adv Duplicator

If you’re into npc wars, try Dan’s NPCs as they lots of varieties.
If you’re into rp, then just go join some rp servers and you’ll get most of the universal content you need
If you’re into building, wiremod,stacker,and precision tools are a must

OP do you have CS:S? You’ll find a lot of servers and game modes rely heavily on CS:S material

I am going to check all the links out thanks for the help.

Are all these for Garry’s 12? Will they work with 13 beta?

Mhm. They’ll work with 13 after 13 releases most likely. You can search for them on the workshop to see if they’re there anyway, though.

eww tortoise svn.

Slik svn much better.

SVNs in general annoy me. The workshop is my favorite new feature because it means no more screwing around with SVNs.

For what it’s worth I haven’t had any major issues from Tortoise SVN. It works. I just don’t like using SVNs.

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If you’re interested in aircraft that use wings to fly, try out the fin tool.

I know it has been said before, but Wire mod. And I’ll say this here since it hasn’t been mentioned specifically, wiremod has it’s own SVN and cannot be downloaded from

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This is especially true of RP servers from my experience.