Must-have SWEPs/weapons?

I have always found the best maps and car mods, but have made many stupid mistakes when it comes to any other weapons/SWEPs. Any really good recommendations? - Try there!

Just got that yesterday, a fine mod it is.

it’s fun to mess around with this for a while:

Try Kermite’s

This was annoying and I was forced to uninstall it, and

this I already mentioned. :saddowns:

Twitch Weaponry is good too.

I like TetaBonita’s flamethrower and the RPG-7, you might want to look up those.

RPG-7 doesnt work for me, the rocket explodes on launch.

Gtfo, this isn’t lua newbie help

That’s rude of you

That’s nice of you

Sorry for being rude but gmod help and support is at the top, they must go straight past it and think “this isn’t lua but its help and support even though there’s gmod support”

Yeah, but then even more people won’t read (check out the first 6 or so posts in here) and try to give me obvious maps or PHX3. This is specifically for LUA stuff.

Almost half of your posts seem to be moaning at people posting in the wrong section. If it is in the wrong section, we try to help anyway.

So true.