mutant animals!

So what do you guys think of the new update…mutant animals dropping blueprints. I like not having the zombies but not sure bout this.You can try it out on a dev server btw.

Sounds like a zombie that walks on four legs.

Not sure how I feel about this one. Guess we’ll see how she goes. Do the animals also spawn in towns now? as that would be a little silly but if they don’t then towns will just be clear for the pickings?

this is not the new patch, it something buggy inbetween, if you opt in for dev beta.

the goal is, that the new animals wont drop zombie loot.

even if they do replace zombies with animals its really not going to make anymore sense to me.

zombies are primal creatures who only need or want is to eat. (they don’t carry stuff around)

Animals mutant or not. have no need for blue prints ammo etc… so why would they carry it around.

either way to me neither of these options make sense.

I just liked the zombies aspect for farming and roaming around the rad towns ect. Plus it was nice to have another humanoid target with hit boxes. Zombies also looked like a guy in full leather running around in the distance so they always added that moment where you are like: “is that a play… nope okay few” as you ran back to base with your 200 ore and 1k wood

The point is, they want the environment to be as harmful as the players are. As it stands, the second you get something ranged - hell, even a pickaxe - killing zombies and animals becomes trivial.

Mutant chickens and deers are both scary and threatening.

sounds like its going to be more expensive to farm :smiley:

No no no. Just seems like a zombie walking on 4 legs like he said.

I should probably be a bit more specific. If it’s those garbo recolored animals then ya four legged zombie. If it’s those crazy ass chickens or the mutant ghost deer then I can overlook the loot dispenser aspect and would actually be excited to encounter them ingame.

Well so far it seems to only be the shit recoloured animals but I’m sure that is just a place holder and is not final.

I wonder if mutants will be replaced soon it kind of copies another post apocalyptic game called xsyon that been around way longer…

how about it copies fallout/marvels entire universe.

Does anyone have pictures of these things?

Wastelands been around since the 80’s loc. All of this has been done before.


ok thats waht they look like aslo is it just me or does the grass look nicer on the dev servers?

Sounds pretty cool to me, and believable, though the only odd thing is that they drop blueprints. I think you should be able to loot them like a regular animal though they will drop infected meat and you can use it to poison other people or you will have to process it to clean it then eat it.

I think it’s only a placefiller for something to come later
But for now it is okay

The mutant animals are addicted to ink, and attracted to blue.

Hence they eat them.