Mutant Soldier + FEAR Finale

I thought I might do some Halloween-ish poses.

“I warned them that Project Hydra was a mistake. No one listened. Last night he escaped containment. Security teams can’t stop him, and now he’s going after us for what we did to him…”

I posted this in the “Halloween Contest Thread”



First one has three bodies and a tentacle armed guy who apparently killed them, though I don’t see any entry wounds. I personally don’t like the way it’s shot from the upward angle because it just looks way too generic, it has too bright lighting for anyone to even call it creepy and the ugly painted blood in huge amounts doesn’t ever look good if you haven’t even tried editing it a bit.

Second one has a person standing still… Or… I don’t know what he/she’s doing since it’s taken from a first person view. Also apparently these bald naked legless humanoids are flying towards him from the direction where the black gate(?) thingy isn’t located.-

(small explanation why I don’t like shots that are taken from the first person view.)
I don’t like to take shots from a first person view -ever, because when you’re not playing from that first person view (which is the point of first person view) you don’t actually know what that person is doing, or how that person is feeling. Which means that the picture isn’t going to be scary at least. All you can see is two hands and a gun, for all I know that person could be doing something as stupid as river dancing at the moment.

–Again the picture feels like it’s too bright to have any horror elements, the blurring on the black hole isn’t very effective and the posing on the flying naked guys is more or less akward.
Personally I don’t even understand why you would want to do a screenshot that is straight from out of the game, literally.

I don’t understand what is so “Halloween” about scifi action game with horror elements.
Then again, I don’t celebrate Halloween.

Where did you find the models? Nice pics by the way

Weapon position in the second picture doesn’t make much sense.

Haha, now that you mention it. :v:

Whoops, I forgot about that… Maybe he’s holding his gun gangster-style?

As for the models, the guys in the first pic came from VanDookie and Predaaator’s pack, and the “ghosts” in the second came from the Killing Floor pack.

I can never seem to find good angles for my pics. I’ll keep some of the C&C in mind.

^Even the Killing floor guy? Nice pic.