Mutants on Main Street

Haven’t done any pictures in awhile, so I felt like doing one today.

Crappy Filters[/media]



No Filters, Just Desat/Contrast

Crits are welcome. I tried some different stuff with photoshop this time, let me know what you think.

I like the posings of the humans, but the gun in picture 3 looks askew. Just my opinion.

Get rid of those horrible filters

Is the guy in the first pic wearing what I think he’s wearing!? :open_mouth:


The posing and angle are cool but the filter is really unnecessary.

Pretty good. I like the posing.

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I see this also.

Heh, alright alright. Like I said, it was just an experiment. I tried blending a few filters together in passive layers. Guess it didn’t work :smith:

Also to address the gun being askew, his hand is also askew. He’s almost holding it sideways.

EDIT: Adjusted first post with non-filtered images.

looks fun being in their situation