Mutated Animal Realistic drops and others

So I’ve been thinking lately about rust and the mutated animals, and came up with something. Right now if you kill a mutated bear or wolf it could give you a research kit or even leather boots. How exactly is this realistic? Why would a mutated bear be holding a pair of leather boots or pants? How about keep the mutated bear and wolves, but change their drops and add in something like npc bandits to hold onto that stuff later on.

Mutated Animal Drops- Make it like if you hunted a normal bear in the game,hatchet to gather them, but instead of giving you normal meat, blood, and cloth/leather make it give you things like mutated meat that if you eat you become sick and get radiation poisoning, the blood could act as a poison that if you put in a medkit and give it to a friend they die. The cloth/leather could give you rads over time, but it is stronger than normal armor.

Bandits- This has been said many, many, many times on the forums, but I’m going to keep it short and make it so they just give you things that the zombies would give, but they would also drop their clothing.

Drying Rack- In “Don’t Starve” if you kill monster and eat the meat raw, you get sick and will start dying overtime, but if you dry the meat on a rack, those effects will not be as severe and will not get hurt as bad, this could go along with my mutated animal idea so you could eat the meat they give.

Zip Gun- With my Uncle being the U.S Marines 8 years ago, he told me about how they taught you survival tricks, and how you could actually make a gun in the wilderness, all you need are bullets. This gun works kind of like a slingshot, its hard to explain but you get a rubber band with a nail or something tied to it, bring it back and hit the bullet with the nail. The bullet will go off, but it will be extremely inaccurate, it is unsafe to hit the nail over anything bigger than a .22 lr round.

Writable books- Because wouldn’t it just be funny to raid somebody and read their diary saying that somebody is trying to murder them and take their shit xD

Far-Cry 3 like fire- I can already imagine watching a video of somebody sacrificing somebody to the great “Fire God”. But seriously this would be cool and far-cry 3 does their fire right

Bone-Knives- My father was in the U.S Army and this is something he told me awhile ago, if your stuck in the forest with absolutely nothing and you find a dead deer on the ground, take their fucking antlers! You could use an antler point as a knife, or atleast something you could use for some protection, this could be good for the starting off naked men who need something more than a rock!

This has been everything I can really think of for now guys, hope you enjoy the ideas!

And hats.

Like a Davey Crockett Raccoon Tail Hat.
Or a black pot upside down.