mute on mysql

Is there an addon mute players in mysql?

MySQL is used for databases… You would mute someone through Lua

I think he means storing players muted into a database

Create a MySQL server and create a database. Install MySQLoo on your server.
Connect to the database using mysqloo.
Create a new table in your database (if it does not exist) with one key that is for Steam IDs.
Create a new ULX command (assuming you use ulx) that adds the target’s Steam ID to a new row in the table and mutes the player.
To mute players, simply set ply.gimp to 2.
Create another ULX command (or set opposite) that sets ply.gimp to 0 and removes the row from that table…
Hook into PlayerInitialSpawn and check the database for entries with the Steam ID of the connected player. If there is a row with that Steam ID in the table then mute the player.

Here’s some things to help you out:
Latest MySQLoo and documentation

MySQL Reference Manual

And of course:

GMod Wiki

Uh. You’re making a simple problem easy.

Just use

ply:SetPData( "muted", true )
ply:SetPData( "muted", false )


if ply:GetPData( "muted" ) then
    print( ply:Name() .. " is muted!" )

No neet to create a whole database and figure out SQL when we have functions already built in for this simple task.

He asked for MySQL, making AK’s post correct. What if he wants to access the database from multiple servers and write a web-end for it? You can’t do that with pdata.