Mute Players Menu for servers without mute buttons on custom scoreboards

[h2]Mute Players Menu[/h2]
On my own server, I use Evolve for the admin mod along with it’s scoreboard.
I was disappointed with the lack of mute buttons for players on this. After searching for solutions and trying to integrate it into the Evolve scoreboard and failing, I decided to create a small menu that can be activated by a chat command and will allow players to mute others on your server. I have also added a check for admins that will disable players from muting them. This can be removed easily if needed.


I have also uploaded this is a workshop addon here

  • 2013-19-01 -
    Added Mute all line to mute or unmute all players at once
    Pinned Mute all panel to bottom and changed its color

“lmp_mute_admins” Default: “0” Desc: 0 = Admins CAN’T be muted. 1 = Admins CAN be muted
“lmp_text_command” Default “mute” Desc: The value will be preceded by an ! The default value will end up as “!mute”

Admins can’t be muted example

Admins can be muted example