Muting while still showing when speaking?

A small script that would allow you to mute certain people in the game while still showing that they speak with whatever the server uses to indicate it is what I’m looking to try and make. It’d be really helpful for players, particularly youtubers, who are in a call in skype or another external voice chat, so that they don’t have to hear double but can still distinguish when the others just are talking to them and not the entire server.

Is this possible? If so, which functions are we looking at here? I’m thinking, if it’s not possible, to instead of turning down volume, just draw the same indicator seperately from the rest who are actually talking. Maybe it needs to be serversided?

Not sure if you have tried this:

Not sure if at the same time it stops the thing for showing
Can’t really try it now as there is no one for me to speak with XD

Just tested it. It seems to prevent GM:PlayerStartVoice to even run at all, as I can’t see any Player:IsMuted() calls in the base cl_voicechat.lua file. So muting stops the call of the function that draws it itself.

Maybe there’s a way to manipulate the volume of an individual voice chat channel to 0 as it gets played? Is there a way to get the channel from a voice chat as an IGModAudioChannel?