Mutiny - first pose

Hey guys, I’m not new to facepunch, I just never ever post. I’ve been posing since I was 14 - 17 now, with Garrys mod, I don’t think in any way that I’m good at it, but I try hard I think. This picture has a big story behind it, but I’ll fast forward it all and tell you the names, Stephen Kane and Peter Adams.

So without further adue, please put on the music under this text, and enjoy - here is “Mutiny”.

I did this in twelve minutes, by the way, I don’t know if that’s good or not because I don’t usually count.

Any nice comments? :smile:

It’s a really nice first

I enjoy this.
For a first, this makes me feel bad about myself

Wow, I like it! You have potential, my first pose was a piece of shit! Although the citizen in the front could have been posed a little better but still as I said before


posing’s nice, though.

x1 winner as a first

Awesome picture.

And it’s not his first pose, it’s the first pose he is uploading here.
Considering that he wrote he is posing for 3 years now: Just pointing it out.

Yeah, that’s true, I have tens of hundreds I pose for fun and never uploads.

Am I the only one or does the Combine in the middle looks like the prawns from District 9?

I can imagine what they’re saying “PUT THE FUCKING GUN DOWN.”

Indeed he does look like one of those aliens from District 9, but he’s infact a Sectorial Commander from the gamemode in Garry’s Mod, Half-Life 2 Roleplay.