Mutiple uv textures

OK I am making a v 2.0 of my model and I have add jiggle bones. I tried doing multiple textures and assigning it to the vertices which i did do but now I am confused on the UV mapping of those areas. Like does each texture have its own uv map or something? If anyone can explain that would be extremely helpful. Here are some picks of what I have done basically and What I meant by assigning textures to certain vertices:

afaik each mesh has one uvw unwrap and any textures applied to it are applied based upon that uvw unwrap. you can do vertex painting but i do not know how to do that and i don’t think source supports it.

Well I got the custom color thing working for certain parts of the mesh by doing the vertices material select thing. I am just confused still on how you would make certain objects a color. Like I tested the uv thing for the whole model and stuff but it did not work. I though by doing vertices select way It would allow me to have a cleaner uv map.

i’m not entirely sure i get your question. by certain objects do you mean parts of the mesh? like make the shoes black, the pants blue, ect?

Yes but as you can see I have the body all under one material, so only the name of that material will appear in that area. The issue I am having is that I do not understand the uv mapping of that selected area.

ok, i think i get what you’re saying. what you need to do is to unwrap the thing. i would suggest looking up a pelt unwrap tutorial as i could explain it but it would take a long time and wouldn’t be as good as a tutorial by someone with more experience. basically you need to divide the mesh into different parts, flatten them out, export the unwrap, paint your texture on top of the shape, and then import and apply the texture.

did that help at all?

I actually figured out another way to do it but it is not recommended. I modeled my player model in cinema 4d. What I did was I did the uvs in cinema 4d and then did the textures with the 3D painting stuff. I then exported all the textures and then renamed them all .vtf and stuff and they worked. Sadly cinema 4d does not support pelt mapping. I actually looked all that up before you posted this. I do not like doing it this way though because it is really messy on the uv map. Like it has bits and pieces all over the place so it makes it hard for me to add a high quality eye texture without it putting it in the wrong place. Also the texture I put on the face has a lot of holes in it. Meaning when I paint in a area on the face in c4d it looks fine but in game certain areas have no texture. Thank you for helping me this whole time also.

not familiar with cinema4d but i would suggest getting a hold of 3ds max, maya, or blender. max is probably the most supported although the others have decent support as far as i know.