Muzzle Brake Attachment Idea

There should be some sort of Muzzle Brake that is added to rust that reduces recoil on the gun but is attached to the barrel where the silencer would be.
A Muzzle Brake is basically a device that is attached to the front of the barrel that redirects gases from the propellant to counter the recoil.
Muzzle Brake looks like this:
-10-20 HQM*
-Blueprint Library
-10%-30% recoil reduction
-Keeps same bullet travel speed and drop
-Bullet does same amount of damage
-The shoots are louder
-Has durability like the silencer
*EDIT: Suggested HQM costs decreased

id spend 10 hqm on a flash hider

Im going to double the set of my gearset in return for a overpriced laser?

Its ment to stack with the laser sight, honestly now back i look at it, it should be around 25 HQM. The muzzle brake should go on guns like the M249 or the AK which still have high recoil after even the laser sight and standing still, but the muzzle brake would make them both more viable in like walking and shooting.

so the attachment costs more then the weapon? well okay.

I decreased the suggested cost to about 10-20.