Muzzle flash

Reduce this please. It is rediculously big. Cant see where the target is

Yeah when i shoot i always find myself having to stop and re focus on target

That’s the point.

I’m not sure if your implying that this is realistic or if you like it as a game mechanic to make firefights harder. But I’ve fired thousands of rounds out of a multitude of different weapons and have never had to refocus through my iron sights because of muzzle flash. And even for hip fire that’s a little rediculous.

Lokbomb, you’ve never fired blank rounds, have you? Going full-auto, on an assault rifle, especially on one that is self-made, and that is using ammunition made by your own hands, you can’t get perfect results. The amount of gunpowder that doesn’t burn would be a lot more than what modern day ammunition result, and thus, the size of the muzzle flash is also huge.

Why I mentioned blank rounds? They have a lot of gunpowder in them. It results in larger muzzle flash when it doesn’t all burn in the barrel.