Muzzleflash Porting.

I’m creating this thread again because apprently nobody understand understood what i was trying to say.
take a look at this video

I have already ported the muzzleflash over to gmod however, it doesn’t behave the way its supposed to. it acts like a skin
which i don’t want it to do. how do i get it to work EXACTLY the way its working on the video?

And is there a way to do the same with the particle effects?

Thanks in advance! are reference Photos if your too lazy to watch the video

You can’t override default effects in Lua afaik, only reskin materials those effects use. But can totally do that for your own SWEPs etc.

So i can apply the muzzle flash exactly the way I’ve shown it but only for my own Sweps?
Great how do i manage this?

You create a Lua (particle) effect and attach it to your gun in your SWEP:PrimaryFire using util.Effect code.

But won’t that act like a skin?
instead of a whole new effect?

You create a new effect. How will it act as a skin for other effect?

Oh, Alright.