Muzzleflash test, Wehrmacht in action! (spelling?)


muzzle flash looks too low res and blurry

its gas? D:

I like it. Jpeg quality looks messed up though.

That’s SS, not Wehrmacht :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise nice picture

I like it a lot, but… It looks like the default Half Life 2 muzzle-flash. Still it’s great.

Very nice, but the blood on the ground is blurry.

Muzzle flashes should be that blurry

It looks like he’s pressing the rifle against the side of his head.

then your sense of perspective is horribly off.

Nice pose/

Looks good, the dead body looks a little like it’s hovering, I think it’s just his head, like it should be splumped down a bit, rest is good bro.

thanks bro C: