MW2 and Frontlines gear pack

Here are some gear from MW2 and frontlines. Mostly headgear,but also contains two backpacks.






-------------------------------- UPDATE!--------------------------------


VERY USEFUL! thanks!

Awesome! Thanks!


Woop, 1600th post :downs:

Thank’s a lot, one can never have too much headgear in Gmod. (And I mean that in the sense that there is actually very little.) :slight_smile:

These look awesome, great work

That gasmask made me jizz in my pants.

You should hack apart the riot gear from the MW2 Operators, would be great to make sci-fi-ish poses with the pieces you want from it.

Great pack, will use most of them!

This is gonna be fun to use with HatMaker. Good work.

That’s some pretty cool stuff!

I literally suggested MW2 gear to bloo yesterday
fucking psychic man, thanks.

I am pleased by this.

Dude, antianan, I love ya!
Thx very much for this pack! Very useful!
Just what I needed =).

65% of the content thanks to me :buddy:

Nobody has said anything about the SMG1 clipping the rebel’s hands?

Awesome pack!

ye,that’s true. thanks man

awesome man downloading right now

You always jizz on your pants

I know this is old topic but can someone re-upload it on other site?
I have problem with FileFront downloads