MW2 and MW3 vehicles

I need those vehicles.If you want to port them-send me private massage:I show the details.
P.s:thank you gyus)

Holly shit dude, you made 6 threads asking for CoD vehicles, is it so hard to look by yourself in Google? There are millions of ported vehicles from almost every single CoD game, and i’m pretty sure it’ll not be hard to find the M.W 2 ones

Hm…I wrote in google,but there are only military vehicles…I need civilian…

Black Ops 2 Civilian vehicles I saw are in the process of being ported.

I’ve searched around too and I havn’t found any MW Civy vehicles. There is plenty of Civilian car packs to use. Don’t keep making repeat posts man.


Я думаю, что я могу помочь

Оу…Спасибо.Рад,что нашел земляка)

какой автомобиль вы хотите ??

Да…даже не знаю…Если честно…