MW2 Boneyard Ruined Models REQUEST - 25 pics included

I want to make some poses, so i’m here requesting some MW2 boneyard models: (The enemy of my enemy)

#1: Rotors:
model 1:

model 2: (with the spinning thingy)

#2: Carriers (means Boxes, Containers,…)

  Model 1:

Model 2: (Container)

Model 2: (Clean Snap)

Model 3: (Wooden boxes)

#3: Ruined Planes’ Parts:

  Model 1: (Front Parts) (2 skins)

Model 2: (Wings) (2 Skins)

Model 3: (Middle parts) (4 Skins)

Model 4: (Tails) (2 Skins)

#4: Extras:
Model 1: The Mighty Crane:

Model 2: Some Wheels:

Model 3: Ruined BTR:

Model 4: Ruined Parts Holder:

Model 5: Ruined Jeep:

Model 6: Sign:

#5: Front Parts Interior look:

You can make these models just like in the screenshots/ better/ a bit worse, it’s ok, as long as you don’t make “Clean and Shinny” models
I need them to be “Dusty” and “Rusty”
That’s all for now :slight_smile:

EDIT: you can make them posable like ordinary Props, use Stools on them, ect