MW2 Carepackage


people will need references, and more details, say… pictures, links, anything.

I’ll see what I can do.

What would it be? A model, a replacement, a SWEP/entity?

Obviously a model. This is the model request section, not the SWEP section. What would it replace? Nothin’, that’s what.

Could replace the ammo crates from HL2. Same size and function.

Thats what.

Yeah I was thinking of that or the rocket ammo boxes

I think thats what I meant.

Oh, you said crates so I expected the wooden boxes scattered around

i can make the package 50,000lbs get a littlebird and drop it on NPCs!

sorry couldnt find any horizontal views


and if you want it to be exactly like the carpackages you need to have all 6 faction emblems on it

All factions would be nice, I was planning on making a nice little video where the carepackage backstabs someone as its falling :v:

i had this happen…but it smooshed my teammates instead and i was cussed out :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a care package in any single player or spec op mission?

Care package waiting for your mark. Repeat, care package waiting for your mark.

There are ammo boxes in single player and spec-ops, but I don’t know if they are the same model.

Players PSN or Gamertag Here took your package!
i had an AC-130 they took it and im like ohhh hells to that naw!..then we lost :crying:

I would have ragequitted because of that.

i have so many times…everytime i Finally don’t get a UAV or Counter UAV its either an EMP, CG, or AC130 then bitches noobtoob like no fucking tomorrow

Maybe if we open one, we’ll find dedicated servers hidden away inside!

Dedicated server ready for deployment. Mark the D.Z.