MW2 Color codes for Gmod

NOTE: This is a for fun only, 20 minute thing. I did it to practice lua and laugh a little.
NOTE2: If you are going to comment on how much my code sucks, please tell me how and where I can improve it and I gladly will.

Now, on to the addon.
This addon adds color codes like those in MW2 for your Gmod!
It works both client side and server side.
If you have it on your client, it will change everyone’s name in this way on any server.
If you have it on your server, users will automatically download it and it will work for everyone on the server in this way.

I was using the name

Divran ^1testing ^8testing ^0ha

when I took this screenshot.

Another picture!

NOTE: If I update this sometime, I will NOT update this download. I will ONLY update the SVN.

SVN Link: divranspack
(or a direct link:) divranspack/MW2 name colors

(SVN Tutorial: :smiley: )

Edit: Overv says he thought of this before me. I’d just like to tell you guys I didn’t steal his idea :slight_smile: I’ve not been to “What are you working on?” in a long time.

Edit2: Overv has asked me what happens if I write “^aDivran” or anything strange like that (ie: not a number). It used to change it into “aDivran”, but I’ve edited the code to put the ^ back in there. If you now make a mistake, or intend it to be that way, it will leave the ^ untouched.
The SVN has been updated, the download has not.

The available colors are:

^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan
^6 = Pink
^7 = White
^8 or ^9 = Your team's default color
^0 = Black

lol… nice i guess.

People like rating people dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

No comments after a day? (not counting XCypher because he’s in my friends list and already told me what he thought :p) Well it looks like the majority don’t like it so far.

Awesome ! Not an original idea , but has not been done before (I guess) .

VEEERY nice. Seriosly, this will bring alot of fun and a tiny amount of name customisation to the game. :slight_smile:


This is pretty cool.

Nice work Divran, and I notice Overv’s huge influence on you, hehe.

Mind adding me again?

So you took the most annoying and worthless feature in Call of Duty and copied it to gmod?

Basically, yes. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. I’m not using it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just to hide their own dumbness, don’t take any offense :wink:

Its from Enemy Territory, MW stole it

It’s a Quake 3 engine feature, Modern Warefare uses a significantly upgraded and optimised Quake 3 engine.

You could just call it id Tech 4 and leave it at that.

How does it work? Haven’t bothered to figure it out. Hurts me braineh!

You just put ^ followed by a number from 0-9, and it will change the color of the rest of your name after that symbol.

Indeed someone made this. Good idea sir.

I remember using this in Star Wars Jedi Knght: Jedi Academy, So that brings back some neat memories, though I don’t think I will use this myself, I do think it’s kinda neat in a way.

It has actually existed since CoD1. I still play it sometimes. Thanks for something cool Divran.