Mw2 death quotes

A simple script that shows quotes like mw2 does when you die in campaign.
thanks to sonic5068 for teaching me

Now I can enjoy being patronized for not noticing grenades in GMod :buddy:

That gave me an idea. Adding symbols for what kind if death (bullet, fall, nade, etc.)

You were crushed by a flailing chimney. Watch out for the mingebag indicator on screen.

Is it Client Side?


Possible quote: Look before you jump


Another possible quote: Hold on for dear life!

You were abused by a rouge admin.
Watch out for the admin indicator on the screen.

That’s awesome! I need to make this :holy:

Make the same with CoD1/2 quotes and make a script which kills a player if he shot at same team player with “you’re betrayer” words from CoD2.