MW2 (Dunn,Foley) BETA

original model,texture : infinity ward
Rangers models rigging,porting : PREDAAATOR
task force head , anothe ranger porting,modification model,rigging : zz8140

model list : Dunn,Foley

(you need stalker phong models : )

Download Link:

p.s : Sorry late upload


:smiley: cheers mate

sorry im new here i have downloaded it but how you install the skins plz anser me


so im new here and i love this skins but i cant install them to css can someone tell me plz il be gratefull for this help

… is the phong how they are in that link?

I think he fixed that.

Are the faces posable?

he has listened to foley in the other thread
now we just need them as NPCs


Thanks for this.

i sense a troll

anyone good job these will be great for comics;D



Do you mind if I modify this a little bit. Add a few things, maybe make some bodygroups.

I can sense where this is going.

My question still stands, may I please?

I think its better if you PM him.

No problem.

Thank you, what I am doing is fixing a few small things, adding bodygroups for his helmet (Binocs/nighvision up and down, chin strap normal and undone). And I was gonna make his equipment a bodygroup so you can have no equipment on him aside from his vest. I was also going to look into making his crotch pad ragdolled and his fingers have 5 pose-able fingers instead of 3. I might do something for Foley too.

Looks good