MW2 Garry's Mod

Here We Have Ghost.

The G36 is From COD4 and the Pistol is from Kermites Pistol Pack.

"I must kill everyone before i fall sleep"

Muzzle flash is decent.

I never did like that Ghost model. His sunglasses are more like safety glasses. The way you can see through them it looks like Ghost is trippin’.
One rogue shell?
Way to not use the default explosion!
And yeah the muzzle flash is pretty nice.

Quit Fucking Capitalizing Every Goddamn Word.

Uh…it’s kinda bad.

Rated funny only because Ghost is pelvic thrusting

It’s in-game.

Yeah that Ghost model is pretty crap. He has the American flag on his shoulder :frowning: instead of the British one.
The shell was done by having an emitter there, invisible of course, so just some bad timing.
Where can I get a better explosion effect because this one is pretty dismal.
And Thanks (Y)

'Cos I’m so badass, I’m gonna stay behind with two guns, unlimited ammo and shitty gunners in those tanks
gets a faic cos he does look like he is actually pelvic thrusting :3

Please turn up your graphics.

If you’re going to submit a bunch of images, put them in ONE thread where we won’t have to wade through all the threads you’ve been making.

His faces looks a bit :downs:

I Heard That, Man. This Shit Is Really Fucking Annoying.