MW2 Gloves for CS:S? and Poll!!!

I’m searching for MW2 Gloves. I know there’s a pack of MW2 Gloves with default weapon models, but specifically, I’m searching for MW2 glove texture only, with no sleeves and doesn’t replace weapons o.o

Like in FPSbanana [], but the gloves are from MW2

But not that Favela Mission Glove, cuz I don’t have GMod. I spent my pocket money on an M4A1 airsoft gun recently so I can’t afford to buy one

So if somebody could help me, I would be very grateful.

Hope you know what I mean… I’m no native english o.o so I’m struggling on how to form sentences O.o

Thank you very much :DDD

the mw2 hands are on a rig on there own you cannot apply the hand glove textures to the css hands

I love learning how to speak broken english, thanks, OP for giving me practice.

Oh, ok then, btw who’s op?

“original poster” “d00d”

Here’s some css hands that like like modern warfare 2’s hands.

I’ve tried that. There’s blood at the palm, which is weird…
Thanks for helping though

The best gloves in CSS, too bad he’s not making anymore.

that hand looks exactly like the one i’m using!