MW2 Gmod Background + Sound

A simple MW2 background and sound i made

If you need any help or anything post below or just have thanks post below

Very stretched. Get a better-resolutioned picture.

Looks great, but theres a problem. Whenever i click to download it, it comes up with an error page, with the error being HTTP 403. The suggested solutions bit under it said I needed to log in, but i am logged in on and it still doesnt work. Sorry if this is a mingey thing to ask, but this has happened with a few other backgrounds too, i was hoping someone could give me a hand here. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey pal! I was wonderind if you do you do requests because I have got some pretty good screenshots that need some care. :wink:

Sorry about this problem i dont know how to fix this and is seeming not to fix it so.

can you re-upload this, i think almost everybody having same problem so re-upload it plz

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link for download doesn’t work D:

and now its removed