MW2 Hand Rigs

Could anyone point to me where I would be able to get the MW2 hand rigs? They look awesome but I cannot obtain them after searching everywhere for them. :confused:

I have one. give me your steam id and ill give you a link.

Steam isn’t working for me. It says that I cannot connect to the Steam network.

Would it be alright if you just PM’d me a link or something?

I too, would like these.

Sorry i need your steam id .

You can’t just send it to me otherwise?

I smell a phisher.

Bump :slight_smile:

Aren’t there some mw2 hands on Or are you having some “unexpected problems” with that too?

Edit: Ah ok then.

As in, hand RIGS, not replacements.

Im not phising but i need a better way of sending you it. okay.

Try mediafire.

I have it ready for it but i just need a way to talk to him through like msn or xfire do you get me ?

If you feel like taking the time, make a video.

Just post the link on the thread.!!/MW2%20Snow%20Mission%20Hands.rar