MW2 Juggernaut

I’m looking for the MW2 Juggernaut, but I can’t find it.
Give me a link if there’s one.

Comes with the Russian and American riot shield ragdolls and the Juggernaut ragdoll/player model.

Got other links?

That one works just fine.


Unless you pirated gmod. In that case, go away.

Is there a thread or something of these models?

Why do you need it? Can’t you just download it from the link?

I cant because i dont have the Gmod. But i have CSS(not pirate, real one) and i’d like to get that skin into my game. So how can i download this if i dont have gmod? Please help me. Thanks.

Buy it.
You can’t log in without it.

Well, since you don’t own Garry’s Mod. And this is the official forum for Garry’s Mod. Where whiny stuff like this is usually tolerated because people pay money for the game… Go register to FPSbanana and leave this forum. Or, buy the game.

Even though it seems that people think that Garry’s Mod and Counter Strike are the same. It’s still a bit like going to Dark Messiah forums to whine about something in SIN episodes.