MW2 "Loose Ends" Models/skins.

Hello Facepunch community, I was wondering if anyone could get the models from the Modern Warfare Two mission: “Loose Ends”.
The ‘Top’ priority models are: “Archer”, “Ghost”, some TF141 members and some of the Ultra-Nationalists.
The ‘Low’ priority models would be weapons such as: M21 EBR, Ak47 Grenadier, ACR Acog, M4A1 Holographic, Dragnov, UMP45, RPD, RPG-7, USP-45, and the M9.

Thank you in advanced, and could you send them as a 3ds max file with a texture, because I have a friend who will animate them for me.





Nice reference pics.

Happy now?

Is this the TF141 guys you want?

What the hell would your friend animate?

Yeah, but the heads are kind of messed and the camouflage pattern is the one I’m looking for. Thanks for the refrence though.
@ Hunter: Movement, and other things, I really don’t know what he does. He is just going to animate it them for me.

Those TF141 guys are already ported and the friendly ghillies in that mission are re-used from CoD4, which are also ported already.

Links please? And that means I just need the weapons. Thank you for making my life simpler.

The TF141 guys were posted above and here’s the ghillie suit sniper:

For the weapons, you can either get that MW2 weapon pack that was recently released in the release section or just get some weapons for CSS and use those.