Mw2 m4a1

Yes, I’m an MW2 freak. What I was looking for was an M4 for CS:S, and for lua on garrysmod (though it MUST have M4 animations.)
I was able to find enough skins from mw2 in order to replace all my guns in cs:s, but the only one i can’t find is an M4. So I was wondering whether anyone can get a non laggy model of this gun, and rig it up to some M4A1 anims.

lucky you, someone in the models/skins forum made a thread called Mw2 weapons (or something). It has the m4a1 and other weapons.

Can i have the link then please? (Sorry if I’m bumping)

It’s like…right there in the main models/skin section, on the first page of threads. Just look and you’ll find it.