MW2 Models and guns

Hello all i m a student of Masters in Computer Sciences and have a final project to create a 3d Game i need “biped characters” and “model s of guns” of Modern Warfare 2… can some one provide me those things… *.max files will be preferred THANKS

So in other words, you are wanting other people to do part of your school work for you just so you can pass your final?

no it doesn’t mean that…!!! i can create 3d models but i just like the characters and guns of MW2 that’s why i m searching for those…!!! this will decrease my work load… and will give me more time to my Coding side…not the modelling side of project… !!

so basically you

Well if this is likely to occur, we may as well throw in a few riot officer models [that we DON’T have out there yet] for the heck of it.

Getting down to business, though: What weapon/character/prop models are you exactly interested in obtaining? We will not know for certain what you are looking for unless you specify the identities of each desirable.