MW2 Models?

Hey everyone, first post here and I’m requesting something already!

Okay, totally new to this but not new to the 3D Graphics world, I’ve been working in Lightwave for the last 11 years.

Here is what I want to do, I would like to get access to the Modern Warfare 2 models in .Obj format and then create some new more accurate equipment using Lightwave and Mudbox, then upload my new models for everyone to use in game.

The problem I have is obviously I have no idea how to extract the models from the game.

I have access to a HUGE amount of military equipment (won’t go into how and why) and obviously a decent camera (EOS 7D) and photoshop to do the texturing.

So I ask, no I beg, please can someone tell me how to get the models out of the game or even better provide me a couple of samples in .Obj to work with.

Any help is genuinely appreciated.


No one?

Go ask people who made mw2 ragdoll packs thats all I can do to help.

Come on Guys, surely it can’t be too hard to help someone out who is going to add to the models and give them back for you to play with in game!


I don’t think you can. A search on google only comes up with a program called 3D Ripper X. The user said it was unstable, however.

Sorry to seem discouraging, but I think you’re better off modeling for a game called Arma 2. It’s theme is like Modern Warfare 2, but completely different gameplay, with more flexibility and support for modding.