MW2 Multiplayer gamemode

[release]I have changed the gamemode into a team deathmatch gamemode instead of a MW2 gamemode (please change the title). it will have some of the features of MW2 but have some new features (medic kit, parachute, realistic fall damage, ect.)[/release]

**- derma menu to select weapons, secondary weapons, and special weapons (grenades and such)

-score limit**

-**changed it’s name to Garry Warfare (good idea lonewolf2) and is now a fretta gamemode

Hey this looks like a nice idea. I would like to offer my help.
Add me in steam. janroedderdk


ok, I added you, what kind of help can you offer?

Lua help :slight_smile:

I’m also going to need a mapper if anyone is interested.

Well, this might help.


I take no credit for that map.

I love MW2. I’m happy someone makes gamemode based to it. I hope i can join the beta test’s when it’s possible. But can’t help you other ways :confused:

:v: (click)
cough GarryWarfare/GarryMatch cough

I’d be glad to have you play in the beta, we only have me and my friend.

If people want to play Moder Warfare 2, they will play the game. Why play a remake of it through another game. To have something popular, it needs to be unique.

mw2 is limited but garrys mod isn’t I’m aiming to add new features to the battle, not just recreate it

Beta testing and words of support are all I can help with :smiley:

F cod 4 map. You don’t need a mapper :

I will help. With models in all. My Card/Thread

Sorry but :10bux: you ain’t gonna make this happen.

I don’t see this working, seeing as you’re doing it with a friend then I doubt either of you have much Lua experience…

I’m bored to the MW2. Waiting COD: Black Ops xD. But still love MW2


I would love to beta test this gamemode. I have nothing else to do :X

Hey OP, are you just gonna beta test in a listen server?

I would like to help beta test. :smiley: