MW2 ranger giving a death stare to zombies.

Tried to re-make an old pose along with Urbanator’s style editing. I think i managed to do something like it.

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Holy shit, it looks like a valve’s cinematic.

hm. nice

I am digging the general lighting and setting, my child.

I like, but I think that the ranger should be as running with one of the gun throwned behind him, as if he take flight :wink:
Good job,

looks nice

Cant wait for Urbs to comment on this.

Classic theme from zombie film.

Got an original?

Original added to the OP.

This is actually really cool, i would make the legs of the soldier spread a bit or stretch to give the illusion as if he’s running or is positioned very well

If you are picky well then you’ll notice that there are infected in front of him so it wouldn’t work.

Really? I only see dudes behind him, maybe it’s my eyesight

the original lighting looks about a million times better. the world isn’t urine colored. thanks.

Tell you what, you have no imagination.

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Or you dont use it.

Ignore seagullpiss, he will go away.

I hope so.

It’s still an opinion even if stated even by me myself who made this picture, i always will look into it so that i improve.

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So do you :o

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