MW2 Russian paratroopers Bereza reskin

I one of these days has made reskin paratroopers from MW2.
check it:

here is NPC’s :smiley: (yes, i used you friednly russian npcs, thank you for lua jason278)

…and playermodels (which has made by jason278)


isn’t it KLMK?

I wanna know, did you use these Russians?

I know there not my models but I made them players, if you did please credit

Same applies if you used my friendly Russian NPCS

it is not KLMK.

Thank you

anybody, upload this on, please :open_mouth:

cool lol
i’ll download now

now, you can

Thanks you

They look like paintball/strikeball players

Please, post link again :frowning:

Nice bumpin’.

Next time instead of bumping a half year old thread, pm the OP.

What? Its not even a half year old. They’re great skins.

Is that a ep.2 map?

Oh no
not file.

Oh yes, sorry, my bad. 5 months and 20 days if you want to be a nitpicker.

Great apart from the fact that the camo parts don’t fit in with the desaturated vest and the pants are too dark compared to the sleeves and helmet. (Actually it seems like all the different parts of the skin have different levels of saturation. (The helmet, the sleeves, the bottom part of the coat and the legs.)

And yes, it is a Episode 2 map.

DL link is broke, think you could re-upload?

Plz fix the DL.

nice skins link dont work tough.

Can you stop bumping please? The thread is dead.

thread is NOT dead. not yet.
later I post link again, thanks for “nice skins”, “great skins”
trust, I really glad.