MW2 Russian Soldiers

Yup. I would like to request the Russian Soldiers from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Primarily the Gas Mask one, but yeah.

I’d appreciate it if they were finger posable, nice and ragdolled. Can anybody do that for me?

I really want these too. AND since IW REALLY slacked off and made almost all soldeirs use the same mesh, there is literally not a ton of work involved. just the heads and the textures, because the bodies are already ported.

and I want them for CSS T.

Yeah, what he said.

Sooo, won’t take that long eh? Sounds cool. But seriously, I’d like the Russian bodies, heads, hands, everything, not just the American soldier bodies and what not… I really like the Russian models, so yeah. look in here and compare with the russian soldier pic. they all use the same BASIC mesh. with some changes like the skirt- looking thing bbecause of long shirts, and lack of kneepads. different hands and different heads.

I like the russian soldiers too.


I just want the damn models and ragdolls.

nooooo… these cant die… i want my commies!!!

why? its not like anything progressive came from this requeust thread.

I made look-a-like, but it is pretty sucks.