MW2 Screenshots! (Garry"s Mod)

Nice angles there, posing looks nice too.
The pics are kinda boring but the execution is really nice.

hi lentigo
it’s me, dynamic :slight_smile:
you deserve applause
an artistic and cheer up new mate



O~~! dynamic hi~Hi. nice to meet.

lol, use quote (reply)

Nice. Did you edit these?

Not bad at all. First picture looks weirdly stretched upwards though.

What’s up with their knees and the lower part of their legs? Inflator? They look good but like said above, they look a bit stretched.

its the modelsgoddamnit

Is there a weapon pack from MW2, or are these just individual/other downloaded weapon models?


I like nr 2

But the dog is uber happy xD

ooh nice poses there man!!!