' mw2 soap '

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Damn the snowy parts on him seem burly…or pixel lated
Nice though…

Off Topic esh (NOT ABOUT SCREEN SHOT):Now since he’s a brit and in the snow why isn’t he using a standard AWM?

It’s called an L96 and he uses the M14-EBR in the game so I guess that’s why the poser picked it.

Well actually its called both…
And I’m saying in the game not in the screen shot…

I know it’s called both but, seeing as you were referring to the British military, you should call it an L96.

Wait a minute whats wrong with his left hand’s finger?
Unless its just a some extra floppy part of the glove…

because AWMMs aren’t issued reguarly

This close to the camera some textures look kinda bad :S

Oh yes they are for Brits…It was also replacing their l42s…

The shadow on his face looks kind of weird, like the frost stopped at the shadow.
And that eye is freakin me out, I walked around my room and it followed me!



But yeah I think he’s carrying an assault rifle not a sniper rifle.

On the pic: Nice.


AWM = L96A1, standard issue British Military Sniper Rifle.

He’s kinda not looking at the scope.

I’m guessing the model isn’t eye posable.

Naa, he was aiming at a target but then he saw a beautiful butterfly!

I don’t like it.

the weapon he is using in the picture is the M14 EBR with a scope. I do like the picture though.

The hat has some bad textures, but the posing seems nice.

He’s not British. He’s Scottish.


Releaseeeeee. Please :smiley:

The hat texture is quite low but I guess it’s not your fault. It still a good picture.

Overly jpeg compressed, he’s not looking into the scope, the lighting is bad, the textures look bad up close, and the composition is overall not very good.