MW2 Spetsnaz and Makarov

Comment and tell me, What character from what game do you want next? Comment and tell me.

pose the isometric sprites from fallout 1.

i fucking dare you


1 looks alright, 2 his hand is off.

Killing himself.


First one is generic but okay.

Second one… meh, makarov has a demonic face, weird hand posing and crappy weapon posing… should have made him holding the gun in a lower position.

Not as terrible as the other.

Needs alot of improvement in posing though.

Seriously man, quit spamming the forum with these pose, they’re unoriginal and badly posed, practice then come back.


:doh: It was supposed to be done without effort!

kyno, your supposed to pose with effort. do you understand?

No, sorry :saddowns: i’m not that good with english

You spending about 30 minutes between each screenshot…

Take more time. Read some TUTORIALS.
read the tutorials

leon i think we need to translate for him

Uhm, man, i mean kid, i always read those bloody tuts stop spamming for christ sake!

you’re right
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oh and, you must be pretty bad at reading and paying attention.

what are you even talking about leon