MW2 textures?

May i ask where would i find MW2 texture to download for hammer or would someone kindly port them for me.
If anyone would help me out i would greatly appreciate it :v:!


Also sorry if this is wrong section. Thought this is where it should go as it’s to do with hammer a little.

Will try once I’m done porting the MW ones

Thanks offline. :xd:

WTF?!?!?! Who said I ever got Terminal Textures. LMAO!

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Nobody said that…

Yeah true. Nobody said that here? Isn’t that a ban for

''Why Reply''


Different moderators have different reasons to ban, as far as I know of terrenteller doesn’t ban people for that in here. Although I do know that he bans for backseat moderating :sigh: happened to me a few months ago.

while we’re on the subject of another section can anyone tell me if they can port MW2 models?

People already did.


Pavelow, Chopagunner, Parachute, Sentry, Police car, Foilage, Tree’s, Carepackage.

c-130? :3:

Just whats listed.

Ddok got me banned by saying that I had the textures to [haWx] and I said I didn’t have it on here. Sorry terent for the confusion.

Its terenteller or terent :smug: Get it right :v: