MW2 TF 141 Operatives for Rebels

Does anyone think that they can port/rip/ make a model that looks like the Task Force 141 soldiers from the Favela missions in Modern Warfare 2 to replace the rebels in HL2? The reason that I think these guys fit the role is that they usually either wear all denim or jeans & a white t-shirt, which is basically what the citizens/refugees wear. Any submissions would be appreciated.

Closest Pic I could find:

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Yeah these do need to be ported.

Give it some time. We don’t have any porting tools yet AFAIK, so everybody’s ripping them which is a terribly inefficient and slow process.

Now with a working picture :smiley:

Why not just remix the rebels to resemble them, thus eliminating the need to port the models quickly?

Believe me, I think that is a great idea, but there is still the matter of getting similar helmets and vests to hack on, as well as other accesories such as masks and pouches. It would be preferable for the models to have the default faces, as they would be able to make facial expressions.