MW2 Tf 141 Rangers

I’m not sure how often this is requested, but I would love anyone who might be able to make the MW2 TF141 rangers for css as cts. I’ve searched fp and the interwebs and, etc. but only found a TF2 skin like this. Basically the same thing as this but for css.


lol i requested the diver models for ct’s (look at my thread) but yea that would be a cool idea (even though i like mine also)

That’s not a TF2 skin. That’s just someone playing on a TF2 map.

What the hell is a TF 141 Ranger?

I think what he means is a Urban 141 soldier (the ones seen in hornet’s nest and takedown in the mw2 levels)

In that case I support you, good sir. I made a similar request several months back and no one did it.

task force 141

like this?

if so they are somewhere around .org

Edit: Damn i cant find the link, I could upload them but I would need permission from the author

awesome man is it ok if you do the 141 Diver models (npcs) for CT’s also? (read my thread for more info)

I DIDN’T made them, i got them off .org, and im not into modding

i would upload them, put i would need permission of who ever did this

OWNAGE if you could do that man i believe u in right now xD

yes! like this, but would they be usable for css?

i asked someone already they are prob working on it or just going off on their own business

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