MW2 Throwing Knife

Hey all.

Been playing Modern Warfare 2 lately on the 360. I was wondering, since I use the throwing knife so much, is there any SWEP like this?

Apparently someone made an alpha version of one, but I didn’t take much notice to it.

If there isn’t, well… I am no good at lua, just a request for some thought. If it is no hassle, just use the Counter Strike: Source knife or something for the model: If possible.

If there is a SWEP of this, or something very close to it, I would ask that you redirect me to the download so I can try it out.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Zoey/Wizey made one of them, it used suitzoom for a quickknife… However I don’t think she ever finished it for a throwing knife… The sweppack has one in it, but I don’t think it works.

it does work

I mean, it works in swep form under number 5, but not the way the quickknife works. What happens when I spawn it is it just automatically throws it and I never get it back ^^

Thanks guys, I’ll check it out.

Download Mad Cow weapon pack, you can throw CSS knives with it.
Edit: Sorry forgot to add link, here it is:


Zoey/Wizey’s mw2 stuff are fine. You gotta bind the keys to do the actions. Both the quick knife, quick grenade, and quick throwing knife work well, you just can’t have a quick grenade the same time you have a quick throwing knife.

TIP: Right click on the “quick” weapons so you don’t immediately slash or throw anything, instead, right clicking will spawn it on the world making it available to pick up.