MW2 Traitor standing by creek.(first try at mixing gmod with reality)

Here you go!

Constructive critisism only please.:fuckyou:

He’s too blurry.


The edges.

Besides that is it pretty good?

Otherwise he blends decently, yeah.


YAY! Good for you man.


He’s, like… glowing black.

Maybe a dark aura?
Pretty good IMO but the edges are blurry.

to fukn blurry and why the hell do people do these ugly copy past stuff

Too bad it’s blurry…

Because it’s a challenge and somthing new.

Hey is this better guys.

Now he’s too big


the first one was really great except for the blurry edges

God dammit! I’m never gonna get this right.

I think you deserve an artistic for the shadow work and the sun work.

Thanks, you get a heart.

The main problem with this “dude + real bg picture” is that they are fucking empty, even if its a pain in the ass to make a Game character fit into a real picture(Which is fucking true, congratulations to all the ones that do it right, like the OP) you guys should try to add more stuff.

The pic is nice, sorry for the rant.

Because sometimes there arent any fitting gmod maps

Maybe hes a ghost who haunts the place where he died.

Looks nice