i nearly finished a BIG mod. it about 4gig now & has 300wepons, storie, 4000models, new npc’s, locations like japan’ area51’ secret underground cities ect ect,

im onto area51 but it not looking the way i want it too as i dont have what i need to finish it, iv made a requests to some ppl but they dont want to help.

it been bombed & it a mess so thats where my request comes in?.

i was playing mw2 on the ps3 & seen wrecked air veichles like helies & especialy an airforce gargo plane.

so im requesting any wrecked stuff from mw2, i can rig them myself so just the extractd models & textures as they come out of the game will be fine.

full credit for giveing me the models & ill send you the full mod to play with.

ps: theres will be no betas as it will come out compleate so any helpers gets an early preview :smiley:

pps: this only one of a couple of things holding it back & after 7months il be happy to get it out the door & start playing games instead of modding lol. ty

thanks, i presume i posted in the wrong section?.

can a mod move this please :slight_smile: