MW3 DOME map model?

hello, so im not sure if this is even possible yet but but just incase it was. I just wondered if anyone does have this model in 3ds max format and if so would be kind enough to let me have it… jamie x

You want the entire map…as a spawnable prop?

As an effect will be awesome.


Im sorry im not to sure what a spawnable prop is im quite new to all this. All im positive on is that i used to go in to cod4 using dxripper and get an obj model full with textures which was usable in 3ds max.
i havent got mw3 on pc and not even to sure if that method was still possible but wanted to create a cool animation using the models/cars ive rigged and to get the full effect i need the map models… the other way around is to obviously track the footage from my ps3 and insert the models that way but it wont be half as good and will be a lot harder.

Are you just looking for models in the map or the entire map itself?

If you ask in the Mapping section someone can probably make a map out of it if they feel motivated enough and have enough time to! It really wouldn’t fit the entire map as a model very well, from what I understand the textures would have to be horrible resolution, and you couldn’t have many collision boxes at all

Like @messyman1989 said rip it yourself :slight_smile: